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Connecting your ideas, one connection at a time.

From home to digital HQ, IDEANET Empowering Indonesia's digital transformation through neutral ICT infrastructure and innovative solutions.

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Choose the right digital tools to thrive, whether you're a personal or a tech-powered enterprise.

Solution for retail

solution for retail

Elevate your everyday. Experience seamless internet, captivating TV, and clear phone calls with IdeaNet personal solutions.

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Solution for enterprise

solution for enterprise

In today's fast-paced world, your IT infrastructure needs to be agile and secure. IdeaNet enterprise solutions provide the foundation for success.

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Connect to what ignites you.

IdeaNet isn't just internet, it's a commitment to enriching your digital life. Choose IdeaNet and experience the difference.

save money
Save money

Affordable maintenance keeps your budget balanced, freeing up resources for growth.

boost productivity
Boost productivity

Our solutions streamline operations, helping you work smarter and achieve more.

security you can trust
Security you can trust

Flexible, scalable technology enhances security and protects your valuable data.

solution for retail
Focus on your business

We handle IT headaches, so you can focus on what you do best – run and grow your enterprise.

always connected
Always connected

24/7 customer support ensures you're always connected and never left in the dark.

experience the speed
Experience the speed

Blazing-fast internet puts you ahead of the game and streamlines every digital task.

experts at your side
Experts at your side

Our seasoned team brings experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way.

No boundaries, endless possibilities. Explore the IdeaNet cutting-edge solutions.

Internet Service

solution for retail

1. Home or office, From casual browsing to powering business empires, our internet plans ignite your digital world.

2. Reliability, Stay connected and productive, backed by our robust network and dedicated support.

3. Simple and secure, Enjoy effortless setup, and advanced security features for peace of mind.

4. Scalability, Grow your connection as you grow, with flexible plans that adapt to your ever-changing needs.

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IdeaNet as a Service(IaaS)

solution for retail

1. Smart Parking, Optimize parking management with real-time data insights, automated guidance, and seamless payment integrations.

2. Smart Cluster, Build secure and scalable computing clusters for high-performance applications like data analytics, and scientific research.

3. Smart Healthcare, Revolutionize healthcare delivery with connected devices, remote monitoring, and advanced data analysis tools.

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SD-WAN Connectivity

solution for retail

1. Easy Deployment, Get up and running quickly with minimal disruption to your business.

2. 24/7 Support, Our team is here to support you, ensuring your network runs smoothly around the clock.

3. Customizable Options, Tailor your SD-WAN solution to fit your specific needs and objectives.

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A diverse range of partners, From individual to enterprise, we empower companies across every field.

Ready to experience the future of connection?

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