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IdeaNet specializes in infrastructure development and ICT services, providing the backbone for the digital world. We follow the Neutral ICT Infrastructure concept, ensuring fair and open access to essential tech services for everyone.

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Neutral ICT Infrastructure

At IdeaNet, we believe everyone deserves equal access to the digital world. That's why we aren't just another internet provider; we're the invisible highway that powers countless connections. Imagine us as the central exchange in a bustling digital city, connecting different providers (telecoms, TV, etc.) to deliver seamless experiences to you.

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operator indepedency
Operator Indepedency

could be used for various services (Internet, IPTV, Telephony).


in dealing with service changes, service additions and service improvements from each operator.


not overlapping and simple.


accommodate future technological developments.

Vision & Mission

We build the invisible highways of communication, offer them to everyone without bias, keep them running smoothly, and constantly push the boundaries of speed and performance. This is our commitment to a Neutral ICT Infrastructure, where everyone has equal access to the digital world's potential.

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To be a leading company in delivering neutral infrastructure and Digital Services.


  • Get quality partners for various needs, including hospitals, cluster, government and various other sectors.
  • Deliver value add service to customer through our excellent service.
  • Our Team

    Our team is composed of dedicated professionals with a shared passion for delivering tech services for everyone. We bring together diverse backgrounds and expertise, but we are united by a common goal: to Deliver value add service to customer through our excellent service. We are committed to excellence, innovation, and exceeding client expectations.

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